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Spend on abdominal fat drink linseed !!

Spend on abdominal fat drink linseed !!
If you suffer from excess abdominal fat you should be doing this experiment effective recipe of linseed and pomegranate peel, which can save you from fat within ten days, but this recipe from Tstvida Follow these instructions:

You need to start the following ingredients: Green tea spoon, two pieces pomegranate peel is dried, crushed, “the size of tea biscuit,” one teaspoon ginger, one tablespoon mint 0.2 tablespoon medium powder linseed.

As for the method of preparation:

• Mix all the above ingredients in a glass suitable size.

• Boil a cup of water and pour over the above ingredients then cover the cup for 5 minutes.

• Eat drink without any other additives three times a day after every meal to get the best results.

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