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Tips make up to show younger

Even Atari naturally, and put your make-up by the way you look younger, you follow the following tips:

• Discard the shadows of gleaming, began to notice if the appearance of lines around your eyes, you should avoid bright shades, Valbraiq shows skin and curly lines, rather than hide it.

• Use a soft silk wares without lumen, it blends with your skin and hide lines. So choose colors, such as pink or golden beige, Put them from the line down to the eyelashes and eyebrow, and every eye will open the area, which also gives the scene a more vibrant and full.

• Otgueni use cream base and Concealer, because the coverage sufficiently make you look tired, too, so always Prepare your skin by using moisturizer before applying foundation. Valtrtaib make-up helps to spread smoothly and evenly.

• Identify your eyes, if it was necessary to get rid of a particular product, let cream base. Valekhal easy adjustment and high-impact and the specific makes eyes look wider and more open-minded and helps to disguise the appearance of signs of aging. And specific black eyes and dark Mascara make eyes look harsh, choose brown or dark brown.

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