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Three common errors harm the skin

Girls committed a lot of mistakes against their skin, and here you Madam Nord highlighted three common errors harm the skin:

– Hair removal by conventional means in the wrong way

The use of traditional methods in the wrong way leads to inflammation of the skin and the appearance of pimples out, and the emergence of Albutorvi skin causing a desire to itching and get rid of pimples, in the belief that it will help speed her recovery, especially if those pimples inflamed, the correct fact that this is the wrong approach in dealing leads to pus access to deeper places in the skin, and causes the expansion of the scope of these blisters on the skin, and makes an impact on the skin.

– Peeling and rub the skin

If the nature of dark skin, the use of cosmetic skin peeling lead to an imbalance Article Alsabgp skin. Furthermore, can the roots of the scars, and the skin appears, therefore, must resort to experts to solve this problem.

– Matter much in the mirror

Treat skin problems will not happen repeat look in the mirror, but cause a feeling of tension, and anxiety which may increase in that cause these problems, because the psychological factor has a significant effect on the human body as a whole.

Try to use the means of hair removal properly, and in order not to Restless yourself There your skin and increase his fatigue






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