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Contact lenses and sports – always appropriate

Post competitive sports or even just exercise to maintain physical fitness can be a difficult time for those who need vision correction, as the eyeglasses can limit the potential of the individual. But, with contact lenses, whether to use a one-time or repeated use, it can actually help you to ...

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Ten Steps Nail Care

1 • Reduce the exposure of the nails with soap and water and chemical detergents, and try to save as much as possible, dry nails. 2 • Eating a healthy diet and integrated. 3 • not a lot of plantings and the use of nails, removing paint because it displays ...

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10 Steps to Make a surprise Evening

1. Clean  your eyes Eye special detergent, and then moisturize moisturizer special eye area so protected from the effects of make-up. 2. Apply a light layer of Alkoncelr on the upper eyelid to install the make-up, put an uniform color for the base color shows clearly, and then it Repeat ...

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3 tips to put make-up on face shape

1. Oval face: It is best to use soft or natural cream color basis. Put it down on the forehead and around the nose. Keep the natural shape of the eyebrows, what helps you to identify the view. Do not use cosmetics heavy makeup on eyes and lips. If you ...

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the most beautiful eyes

Get the eyes of the most beautiful woman in the world wearing make-up Pictures for the last cries of nail polish What is Botox? The easiest way to get rid of black underarms home remedies

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Pictures for the last cries of nail polish

Nails are considered aesthetic basics for every woman, because of its effect and attractive. And multiple applications of nail polish colors depending on the accessories and ways. Here are tridimensional nails of high beauty and the most commonly used. Can be placed classically impressively, or a strong and bold reach ...

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