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Renew your skin with yeast


Renew your skin with Madam yeast through a number of steps, including: – Cleaning: yeast works to clean the skin when used with lemon juice as a mask for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water and warm. – Peel: You can mix the yeast with the ...

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Mixture of natural wax for hair removal


Ingredients: – Tablespoon of beeswax. – Two tablespoons of almond oil. – 4 tablespoons water. – Spoon glycerin. – Two tablespoons of olive oil. -20 A drop of essential oils (as desired). Preparation and Use Method: – Placed beeswax with almond oil in a small saucepan over low heat. – ...

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Mask banana skin


If you are looking for a natural way to the freshness of your skin and take care of it, here’s Mask banana skin helps a great suspicion in the freshness and smoothness of skin, here are the components of the banana mask for the skin: – Ripe banana – Tbsp ...

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Honey creams for skin care


Honey is characterized by its benefits numerous food, but it also features many aesthetic its benefits, Villas impact on your skin beauty and freshness and give them the elegance and brighter, so we give you some creams that enters in the composition of honey: Cream evening of honey against wrinkles: ...

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Mask thyme skin of the net and uniform color


There is a lot of undiscovered benefits of thyme, and most important of these benefits is the ability to lighten the skin and unify the color, and I will mention to you as follows holder thyme skin of the net and uniform color Ingredients: – A tablespoon of ground thyme ...

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Skin Musk coffee


Coffee is one of the most global sales, where he called some of the oils has food, because many people can not start their day without sipping a cup of coffee. And taken away from the offer you today holder coffee is extremely useful for all types of skin, it ...

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Secrets of dry skin care in winter


Increasingly dry skin in the winter because of the cold and lack of appetite to drink fluids, so it is necessary to compensate for this lack of take care of skin and moisturizing and give them extra attention through the work of a number of masks and masks weekly. Our ...

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Natural mixture to soften hands and Bleached!


Glycerol substance added to some of the creams and is working on some whitening dark areas, and helps treat white lines in addition to moisturize your hands, so you and the natural character help you get condemns Naamtin: – Ingredients: – 8 tablespoons rose water – 3 tablespoons glycerin – ...

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