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What is Botox?


Botox consists of a substance extracted from certain bacteria called (Botulinum Toxin A), and play a Botox in effect on nerve impulses, and the quantity that is injected is usually safe as it works to loosen and paralysis causing muscle-wrinkle and called (the muscles of expression facial), where then re-smoothness ...

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How do you look more youthful and younger?


The most beautiful and younger appearance is not the dream of every girl seeking him and even seeing you look more beautiful, and younger Keep following the following: Keep your back straight: Whenever I managed to stand up straight back whenever you looked younger. When your life progresses, the spine ...

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How to get legs attractive


Legs of the body that promote the beauty of women and increase their attractiveness if mastered attention and attention by the members, so beauty is gravity and wished for every girl For stalks attractive and exciting let you with some secrets that meet your ambition to reach the result feels ...

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Makeup Tips for women with small lips


Appeared recently in the world of beauty desire to emerge lips filled and larger, and often they follow the girls the wrong ways for them to spoil the appearance of the lips and lose their beauty; therefore offer you a number of tips on makeup women with high lips and ...

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Mask bananas and mayonnaise to moisten the hair


A lot of hair problems due to dryness, but this is the first steps of moisturizing hair treatment, so it is advisable to apply moisturizer to the hair every two weeks to keep it and protect it from precipitation. It is poetry “banana and mayonnaise mask” Refreshments will be prepared ...

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Mask egg whites to flatten the skin around the eye


Women have always been trying to keep the luster of youth and their skin, and often resort to buying very expensive creams in order to moisturize the face lift and the area around the eyes. According to the website “Rapid Home Remedies” The eye area highly vulnerable to various factors ...

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Makeup «Cat Eyes» .. views of a female witch


Every woman would like to be a star shines brightly in the sky and the concert snatch the attention of invitees beauty and attractiveness, and for this purpose, «Froendin» magazine advises put the cat’s eyes with a smoky character makeup, where it gives women a charming view of feminine and ...

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Special makeup medical glasses


The eyes that suffer from myopia seem small in size behind the lenses, eyeglasses, it loses its beauty and charm. It can be through the appropriate eye makeup visually enlarge the size of the eyes, for example through the use of shade Eyelids light or bright or pastel colors that ...

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